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Everything about Linked List Data Structure in Javascript

Linked lists are probably the simplest and most common lists out there. It is so powerful that it can be used to implement other lists like Queue, Stack, Associative Arrays, etc. It allows for easy insertion and removal of items and it is for sure one of the data structures worth studying before diving into Tree or Graph data structures.

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What is a Linked List?

A linked list is a linear…

Let’s continue our adventure through the linked list world by learning how to create a double, and sorted linked list.

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Read Part 1 of this article

This article already assumes you read or is familiar with the intro to linked list article implementation code as its bases on it.

Part 1 — Intro to Linked List Data Structure

Double Linked List

To put it simply, in a double-linked list the elements of the list have…

Let’s continue our adventure through the linked list world by learning how to create a circular as well as how to reverse a linked list which is a must-know linked list algorithm.

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This article already assumes you read or is familiar with the previously linked list articles covering what it is and its single and double implementations.

Part 1 — Intro to Linked List Data Structure

The array is a powerful data structure and has a large variety of applications. Let’s continue our exploration by diving into more Array methods and possible algorithm to further enrich your knowledge.

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Check the Previous Array article

This article is Part II of the initial Array Data Structure Intro article you must check to understand how it works and much more.

Part 1 — Intro to Array Data Structure

Searching and Finding Array Items

You can access any item…

Everything about Array Data Structure in Javascript

Javascript provides you with 2 ways to work with indexed list data. Both are powerful and address a very specific usage case. Understanding the difference and how arrays work may help you in the decision of whether to use an array or not for your program data manipulation.

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Javascript Array vs Typed Array

Javascript array is a list-like object which means that it does not follow the traditional array definition or implementation. It is…

A simple guide on how to think like a programmer

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

As humans, we solve problems all the time and as developers, it is no different. Problem-solving-focused courses are not very popular or common and a lot of developers tend to focus on learning tools, languages, and frameworks rather than learning how to think like a problem solver, a programmer.

What is Problem Solving?

Problem-solving can mean different things for different people or situations so it is good to clarify what this article means when “problem-solving” is mentioned.

Due to convenience, when you take your broken car to the shop they may decide to fix what is broken, replace the broken part, or offer the…

Javascript allows you to work with primitives and objects. Perhaps, Javascript objects are one of the most famous and unique objects in the developer world due to their prototype nature. Since objects are such an integral part of Javascript, it comes with many ways to create them each with its pros and cons.

What are Objects in Javascript?

An object is one of the data types in Javascript and it is used to store a keyed collection of things but not all objects are instances of Object. Objects normally inherit properties and methods from Object.prototype

Javascript Date object is not very well-loved in the community. It is something Javascript adopted from Java but both grew in different directions. Its API can be confusing and lacks a lot of methods and information that you often need when working with date and time in your projects.

Javascript and Java Date

The Javascript Date object came from Java. Java introduced Calendar in recent versions and deprecated a lot of Date methods but you still have, what I consider to be, only the good parts about the Java Date object. Javascript Date object feels forgotten sometimes but it includes many things super useful…

HTML is the backbone of any web application and despite being very easy to pick up, there a large number of tags containing easter eggs. Since HTML will not complain when you do things wrong you may be affected by not following a certain good practice for your application.

Check Other Best Practices List

1 — Avoid Inline Style

The only thing that can override an inline style is the CSS !important flag which is not a good practice (check 50 CSS best practices article for more details). …

You can read about part one of 25 Javascript tricks in another article where you can find equally awesome code solution snippets to improve your codebase with and learn more about Javascript by examples.

Code Source

These are code snippets you can use in your projects and evolve to become something bigger. They teach various lessons and reveal great features of Javascript and the Environment where it runs. All code links are below the images.

Check Also:

1 — Deep value retriever

This simple function leverages the power of the Array reduce method to allow you to retrieve the deep value…

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