10 Things to Master as Frontend Developer

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DOM (Document Object Model)

A common misconception is that DOM is Javascript but that's not true. DOM is a data representation and understanding what it is and how it works will allow you to understand the web even more.

DOM Manipulation

Understanding DOM is one thing and manipulating it is something totally different. The DOM API can appear to be very big but it is all about its key components like the Node and the Document.

HTML Semantics

Here is something a lot of developers coming to Frontend often ignore. Understanding HTML semantics plays a great role in improving your website's overall structure, SEO, and accessibility.

CSS Selectors

Developers often struggle with CSS because they do not understand the cascading nature of CSS and the vast option of selectors and friends that exist to help you select anything on the page.


Understanding web accessibility is understanding your possible users. Where they live, how they speak, their physical limitations, how they access your site, with what device, they have good internet, etc.


This is a technique used to drive traffic to your site. It starts from your domain, URL, and all the way down to how your content structure and how it is seen by other sites and platforms on the web.


Javascript Core

One mistake a lot of developers make is to jump to Javascript libraries and frameworks before understanding the core and they become library junkies who often need more libraries to fix and improve their things.

Performance Analysis

A lot of websites are a huge collection of junk shipped to the browser to do one thing. With time these sites grow slow, big, and unusable. These will require a lot of maintenance and cant be scaled up.

User Experience

Being a front-end puts you in the front line of the battle. You are responsible for how the design and the experience are delivered to the user and that's a great responsibility.

Bottom Line

You don't become an expert all of a sudden. These skills require a lot of practice, time, and exposure to master. The web is constantly changing so you must change with it.

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