10 Things that Damages a Developer’s Career

Sticking to a Single Stack, Language, or Tool

Lack of Soft Skills

You must be coachable and approachable otherwise no one will stand in your corner.

Sticking to One Job for too Long

Job Hoping too Often

You must stay long enough in a job to prove you have the skills, are reliable, and are a culture fit.

Lacking Ambition/Career RoadMap

Sit and make a list of skills you want to acquire in your career, both technical and non-technical. Keep refreshing that list every year.

Neglecting Fundamentals & to Self Update

Passing on Promotion because You Love to Write Code

You are Selfish & a bad Mentor

If you want to build your career and cant take people with you because you are too focused on being the best you will get nowhere at all. At least nowhere on people’s heart.

Hard to work with



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